Expression of C-terminal deleted p53 isoforms in neuroblastoma

  title={Expression of C-terminal deleted p53 isoforms in neuroblastoma},
  author={David Goldschneider and Emilie Horvilleur and Louis-François Plassa and Marine Guillaud-Bataille and Karine Million and Evelyne Wittmer-Dupret and Gis{\'e}le Danglot and Hughes de Th{\'e} and Jean B{\'e}nard and Evelyne May and S{\'e}tha Douc-Rasy},
  journal={Nucleic Acids Research},
  pages={5603 - 5612}
The tumor suppressor gene, p53, is rarely mutated in neuroblastomas (NB) at the time of diagnosis, but its dysfunction could result from a nonfunctional conformation or cytoplasmic sequestration of the wild-type p53 protein. However, p53 mutation, when it occurs, is found in NB tumors with drug resistance acquired over the course of chemotherapy. As yet, no study has been devoted to the function of the specific p53 mutants identified in NB cells. This study includes characterization and… CONTINUE READING


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