Expression cloning of a cDNA encoding M1/69-J11d heat-stable antigens.

  title={Expression cloning of a cDNA encoding M1/69-J11d heat-stable antigens.},
  author={Robert J. Kay and Fumio Takei and Richard Keith Humphries},
  journal={Journal of immunology},
  volume={145 6},
The differentiation Ag identified by the mAb M1/69 and J11d (commonly referred to as heat-stable Ag) are found in structurally heterogeneous forms on the surfaces of many types of murine hemopoietic cells. The extinction of expression of these antigens is associated with thymocyte maturation and Ig class switching in B cells, as well as terminal differentiation of macrophages. A cDNA encoding the M1/69-J11d peptide was cloned from a hemopoietic progenitor cell line by immunoselection of COS… CONTINUE READING


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