Expression as vandalism: Asger Jorn's "Modifications"

  title={Expression as vandalism: Asger Jorn's "Modifications"},
  author={Karen Kurczynski},
  journal={RES: Anthropology and Aesthetics},
  pages={293 - 313}
In a 1962 painting, Danish Situationist and artist Asger Jorn declared in a graffiti-like gesture that "the avant-garde won't give up/' The phrase appeared not in a theoretical text as was his usual practice, but as a gestural scrawl behind a painted girl in a confirmation dress, in I!avant-garde se rend pas (fig. 1). As part of the series "New Disfigurations" exhibited at Galerie Rive Gauche in Paris that year, the work resumed Jorn's "Modifications," first shown in May 1959. These works… 

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