Expression and processing of the TMEM70 protein.

  title={Expression and processing of the TMEM70 protein.},
  author={Kateřina Hejzlarov{\'a} and Marketa Tesarova and Alena Vrback{\'a}-{\vC}{\'i}{\vz}kov{\'a} and Marek Vrback{\'y} and Hana Hartmannov{\'a} and Vilma Kaplanov{\'a} and Lenka Noskov{\'a} and Hana Kratochv{\'i}lov{\'a} and Jana Buzkov{\'a} and Vendula Havl{\'i}{\vc}kov{\'a} and Jiř{\'i} Zeman and Stanislav Kmoch and Josef Hou{\vs}těk},
  journal={Biochimica et biophysica acta},
  volume={1807 1},
TMEM70 protein represents a novel ancillary factor of mammalian ATP synthase. We have investigated import and processing of this factor in human cells using GFP- and FLAG-tagged forms of TMEM70 and specific antibodies. TMEM70 is synthesized as a 29kDa precursor protein that is processed to a 21kDa mature form. Immunocytochemical detection of TMEM70 showed mitochondrial colocalization with MitoTracker Red and ATP synthase. Western blot of subcellular fractions revealed the highest signal of… CONTINUE READING