Expression and localization of epitope-tagged protein kinase CK2.

  title={Expression and localization of epitope-tagged protein kinase CK2.},
  author={C. Gail Penner and Zhengyu Wang and David W. Litchfield},
  journal={Journal of cellular biochemistry},
  volume={64 4},
Protein kinase CK2, formerly known as casein kinase II, is a ubiquitous protein serine/threonine kinase. The enzyme exists in tetrameric complexes composed of two catalytic (CK2 alpha and/or CK2 alpha') subunits and two subunits (CK2 beta) that appear to have a role in modulating the activity of the catalytic subunits. With the exception of their unrelated carboxy-terminal domains, the two isozymic forms of mammalian CK2 display extensive sequence identity. Furthermore, CK2 alpha and CK2 alpha… CONTINUE READING


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