Expression and function of psoriasin (S100A7) and koebnerisin (S100A15) in the brain.


The expression and function of psoriasin in the brain have been insufficiently characterized. Here, we show the induction of psoriasin expression in the central nervous system (CNS) after bacterial and viral stimulation. We used a pneumococcal meningitis in vivo model that revealed S100A15 expression in astrocytes and meningeal cells. These results were… (More)
DOI: 10.1128/IAI.01265-12


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@article{Jansen2013ExpressionAF, title={Expression and function of psoriasin (S100A7) and koebnerisin (S100A15) in the brain.}, author={Sandra Jansen and Rainer Podschun and Stephen L Leib and Joachim Groetzinger and Stefanie Fitschen- Oestern and Matthias Michalek and Thomas Pufe and Lars-Ove Brandenburg}, journal={Infection and immunity}, year={2013}, volume={81 5}, pages={1788-97} }