Expression and function of enamel-related gene products in calvarial development.

  title={Expression and function of enamel-related gene products in calvarial development.},
  author={Phimon Atsawasuwan and Xuanyu Lu and Yoshihiro Ito and Yen-Jen Chen and Gokul Gopinathan and Carla A Evans and Ashok Kulkarni and Carolyn Winters Gibson and Xianghong Luan and Thomas G. H. Diekwisch},
  journal={Journal of dental research},
  volume={92 7},
Enamel-related gene products (ERPs) are detected in non-enamel tissues such as bone. We hypothesized that, if functional, ERP expression corresponds with distinct events during osteoblast differentiation and affects bone development and mineralization. In mouse calvariae and MC3T3 cells, expression profiles of enamel-related gene products (ERPs) correlated with key events in post-natal calvarial development and MC3T3 cell mineralization. Developing skulls from both Amel- and Ambn-deficient… CONTINUE READING
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