Expression and SNP association analysis of porcine FBXL4 gene

  title={Expression and SNP association analysis of porcine FBXL4 gene},
  author={Yuping Li and Sh. L. Yang and Zh. L. Tang and Wangli Cui and Y. L. Mu and Ming-Xing Chu and S. H. Zhao and Zhan Feng Wu and Kui Li and Ke-mei Peng},
  journal={Molecular Biology Reports},
As a kind of E3 ligase, the product of FBXL4 gene belongs to a member of FBLs which is the biggest eukaryotic subfamily of F-BOX proteins, it can recognize some substrate through particular protein–protein interaction domains. To investigate its functions, the polymorphism and association analysis was analyzed. The partial cDNA of porcine FBXL4 with 2384 bp long was first cloned; the deduced protein comprises a conserved F-BOX domain at position from the 277th to 332nd amino acid. The… CONTINUE READING


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