Expression and Purification of Homeodomain TGIFLY as a GST-Fusion Protein

  title={Expression and Purification of Homeodomain TGIFLY as a GST-Fusion Protein},
  author={Fatemeh Sarkargar and Roshanak Ahani and Reza Hajhosseini and R Raoufian and Leila Youssefian and Mona Heydari},
Homeobox genes encode transcription factors which play important roles in the developmental processes of many multicellular organisms. TGIFLX/Y (TGIFLX and TGIFLY) are members of the homeobox superfamily of genes. Their expressions are specifically detected in the human adult testis but their functions are remained to be investigated. In this investigation we cloned full length of TGIFLY cDNA and produced recombinant GST-TGIFLY protein in bacterial system. Here we present production of GST… CONTINUE READING


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