Expression Pattern of Id Proteins in Medulloblastoma

  title={Expression Pattern of Id Proteins in Medulloblastoma},
  author={Andrew D. Snyder and Ashley N. Dulin-Smith and Ronald H. Houston and Ashley N. Durban and Bethany J. Brisbin and Tyler D. Oostra and Jordan T. Marshall and Basil M. Kahwash and Christopher R. Pierson},
  journal={Pathology & Oncology Research},
Inhibitor of DNA binding or inhibitor of differentiation (Id) proteins are up regulated in a variety of neoplasms, particularly in association with high-grade, poorly differentiated tumors, while differentiated tissues show little or no Id expression. The four Id genes are members of the helix-loop-helix (HLH) family of transcription factors and act as negative regulators of transcription by binding to and sequestering HLH complexes. We tested the hypothesis that Id proteins are overexpressed… CONTINUE READING