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Exposure to illuminated salt lamp increases 5-HT metabolism : A serotonergic perspective to its beneficial effects

  title={Exposure to illuminated salt lamp increases 5-HT metabolism : A serotonergic perspective to its beneficial effects},
  author={Hajra Naz and Darakhshan Jabeen Haleem},
For centuries people have known the ability of salt rock crystal to improve air qualities by enriching it with negative ions. Salt lamps are thought to be a good source of negative ions. In view of the claim of the salt lamp sellers regarding its beneficial effects the neurochemical study was an extension of the behavioral study conducted in rats. Test animals were exposed to salt lamp for 14 weeks. Decapitation after 14 weeks, followed by neurochemical analysis showed that brain tryptophan and… Expand

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  • Chemistry, Medicine
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  • 1990
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