Exposure to diesel exhaust affects the male reproductive system of mice.

  title={Exposure to diesel exhaust affects the male reproductive system of mice.},
  author={Shizuo Yoshida and Masaru Sagai and Shigeru Oshio and Takashi Umeda and Takashi Ihara and Masao Sugamata and Isamu Sugawara and Kazuki Takeda},
  journal={International journal of andrology},
  volume={22 5},
Several recent reports have suggested that sperm count and quality in normal men are declining. Various environmental chemical compounds may affect the male reproductive system. We propose here that diesel exhaust is an environmental pollutant with the potential to influence male reproductive function. Ultrastructural changes were observed in Leydig cells of mice exposed to diesel exhaust (0.3 mg diesel exhaust particles (DEP)/m3 through the airway, 12 h daily, up to 6 months) and reduction in… CONTINUE READING
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