Exposure and removal of stainable groups during Feulgen acid hydrolysis of fixed chromatin at different temperatures

  title={Exposure and removal of stainable groups during Feulgen acid hydrolysis of fixed chromatin at different temperatures},
  author={Gunnar K. A. Andersson and Per T. T. Kjellstrand},
Hyperdiploid Ehrlioh's ascites tumour cells grown in male mice (strain NMRI) were labeled with radioactive nucleotides. The nucleic acids were extracted from fixed, air-dried smears by fractionated hydrolysis and their radioactivity measured by liquid scintillation. The experiments showed that the exposure of aldehydes through removal of purine bases and the elimination of these aldehydes through depolymerisation of DNA were the two main processes responsible for the Feulgen hydrolysis curve… CONTINUE READING
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