Exponential moving average versus moving exponential average

  title={Exponential moving average versus moving exponential average},
  author={Frank Klinker},
  journal={Mathematische Semesterberichte},
  • F. Klinker
  • Published 1 April 2011
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • Mathematische Semesterberichte
In this note we discuss the mathematical tools to define trend indicators which are used to describe market trends. We explain the relation between averages and moving averages on the one hand and the so called exponential moving average (EMA) on the other hand. We present a lot of examples and give the definition of the most frequently used trend indicator, the MACD. 
WEMA versus B-WEMA Methods in Forex Forecasting
From the experiments taken, it can be concluded that WEMA and B-WEMA have quite the same accuracy and robustness levels due to their slightly same MSE and MAPE values.
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Implementation in Forex Forecasting
The comparison results show that B-WEMA has a better accuracy level than other forecasting methods used in this research, including conventional and hybrid moving average methods.
FX forecasting using B-WEMA: Variant of Brown's Double Exponential Smoothing
  • S. Hansun
  • Computer Science
    2016 International Conference on Informatics and Computing (ICIC)
  • 2016
This research tries to implement B-WEMA as a variant of MA method on FX forecasting and compares the results with other moving average methods using the MSE and MAPE forecast error measurements criteria to show that B-wEMA has a better accuracy level compared to WMA and B-DES methods.
Revisiting the Holt-Winters' Additive Method for Better Forecasting
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A dynamic window size algorithm for traffic prediction that contains a methodology to optimize a threshold parameter alpha that affects both the prediction and computational cost of the scheme is presented.
Performance Analysis of Network Traffic Predictors in the Cloud
A taxonomy for network traffic prediction models, including the review of state of the art, is presented here and an analysis mechanism, focused on providing a standardized approach for evaluating the best candidate predictor models for these environments, is proposed.


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