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Exponential Stabilization of a Wheeled Mobile Robot Via Discontinuous Control

  title={Exponential Stabilization of a Wheeled Mobile Robot Via Discontinuous Control},
  author={A. Astolfl},
A. Astolfl^ stabilizing control laws are smooth in the polar coordinates system, whereas are discontinuous, although bounded (see Remark 5) in the cartesian one. The potentiality of the polar description have been partially exploited in the work of Badreddin and Mansour [6] , Astolfi [2, 4, 3] , and Casahno et al. | 9 | . The former introduced for the first time the polar representation and proposed, for the kinematic model, a linear, fuzzy-tuned, state feedback control guarantying local… 

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    2007 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems
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