Explosive death in nonlinear oscillators coupled by quorum sensing.

  title={Explosive death in nonlinear oscillators coupled by quorum sensing.},
  author={Umesh Kumar Verma and Sudhanshu Shekhar Chaurasia and Sudeshna Sinha},
  journal={Physical review. E},
  volume={100 3-1},
Many biological and chemical systems exhibit collective behavior in response to the change in their population density. These elements or cells communicate with each other via dynamical agents or signaling molecules. In this work, we explore the dynamics of nonlinear oscillators, specifically Stuart-Landau oscillators and Rayleigh oscillators, interacting globally through dynamical agents in the surrounding environment modeled as a quorum sensing interaction. The system exhibits the typical… 

Critical transition influenced by dynamic quorum sensing in nonlinear oscillators

We investigate the critical transitions in the ensemble of nonlinear oscillators interacting with the dynamical environment based on a threshold. The threshold is encoded by the amplitude of

Phase coalescence in a population of heterogeneous Kuramoto oscillators.

A comprehensive analysis of the phenomenon of phase coalescence observed in a population of Kuramoto phase oscillators is presented and the dependence of order parameter on the size of the phase resetting region is analyzed.

Amplitude chimera and chimera death induced by external agents in two-layer networks.

Stable amplitude chimeras and chimera death in a two-layer network where one layer has an ensemble of identical nonlinear oscillators interacting directly through local coupling and indirectly through dynamic agents that form the second layer are reported.

Frequency-amplitude correlation inducing first-order phase transition in coupled oscillators

The first-order phase transitions in coupled oscillators have been widely studied because of their discontinuity and irreversibility. In previous research, the designed coupling mechanisms between

Echo in complex networks.

The effects of network topology on the emergence of an echo are explored and the class of networks that are robust candidates for exhibiting echoes are demarcated, as well as caveats for the observation of echoes in networks.

Resilience of networks of multi-stable chaotic systems to targetted attacks

It is demonstrated that, in addition to connection properties, the non-trivial interplay of nodal dynamics and type of perturbation is also crucial for assessing the tolerance of different types of complex dynamical networks to diverse kinds of strong targetted attacks.



Dynamical Quorum Sensing and Synchronization in Large Populations of Chemical Oscillators

Large, heterogeneous populations of discrete chemical oscillators are studied with well-defined kinetics to characterize two different types of density-dependent transitions to synchronized oscillatory behavior, and the roles of oscillator density and exchange rate of signaling species in these transitions are analyzed.

Explosive death induced by mean–field diffusion in identical oscillators

We report the occurrence of an explosive death transition for the first time in an ensemble of identical limit cycle and chaotic oscillators coupled via mean–field diffusion. In both systems, the

Dynamical quorum sensing: Population density encoded in cellular dynamics

This study identifies a general scenario for the emergence of collective cellular oscillations and suggests a quorum-sensing mechanism by which the cell density information is encoded in the intracellular dynamical state.

Transitions among the diverse oscillation quenching states induced by the interplay of direct and indirect coupling.

  • D. GhoshT. Banerjee
  • Physics
    Physical review. E, Statistical, nonlinear, and soft matter physics
  • 2014
We report the transitions among different oscillation quenching states induced by the interplay of diffusive (direct) coupling and environmental (indirect) coupling in coupled identical oscillators.

The Onset of Collective Behavior in Social Amoebae

Live-cell imaging of intact cell populations showed that cAMP pulses originate from a discrete location despite constant exchange of cells to and from the region, and showed that stochastic pulsing of individual cells below the threshold concentration of extracellular cAMP plays a critical role in the onset of collective behavior.

A synchronized quorum of genetic clocks

An engineered gene network with global intercellular coupling that is capable of generating synchronized oscillations in a growing population of cells is described and computational modelling is used to describe quantitatively the observed dependence of the period and amplitude of the bulk oscillations on the flow rate.

Environment-induced symmetry breaking of the oscillation-death state

We investigate the impact of a common external system, which we call a common environment, on the Oscillator Death (OD) states of a group of Stuart-Landau oscillators. The group of oscillators yield