Exploring the virome of diseased horses.


Metagenomics was used to characterize viral genomes in clinical specimens of horses with various organ-specific diseases of unknown aetiology. A novel parvovirus as well as a previously described hepacivirus closely related to human hepatitis C virus and equid herpesvirus 2 were identified in the cerebrospinal fluid of horses with neurological signs. Four… (More)
DOI: 10.1099/vir.0.000199


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@article{Li2015ExploringTV, title={Exploring the virome of diseased horses.}, author={Linlin Li and Federico Giannitti and Jason Low and Casey Keyes and Leila Sabrina Ullmann and Xutao Deng and Monica Aleman and Patricia A. Pesavento and Nicola Pusterla and Eric L Delwart}, journal={The Journal of general virology}, year={2015}, volume={96 9}, pages={2721-33} }