Exploring the relationship between frequency of Instagram use, exposure to idealized images, and psychological well-being in women.

  title={Exploring the relationship between frequency of Instagram use, exposure to idealized images, and psychological well-being in women.},
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Behavioural symptoms of mental health disorder such as depression among young people using Instagram: a systematic review
There is a growing debate on the linkage between social networking platforms and mental health disorder, such as depressive behaviour or depression. However, the relationship between Instagram use
Social Media Usage and Its Relationship to Personality
This research was supported in part by the Phi Kappa Phi Departmental Honors Project Grant from the Phi Kappa Phi chapter of Hood College.
Social Media and Mental Health: Does Relationship Status moderate the Relationship between Instagram Usage and Self-esteem?
While a growing body of research has focused on the relationship between Instagram usage and self-esteem, no studies have yet been conducted on whether an individual’s relationship status (being
Understanding the association between Instagram use and psychological well-being among young adults in Turkey
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The Psychosocial Impact of Instagram on Female Body Image: Literature Review and Proposal
: Instagram is one of the most popular photo-sharing social networking platforms used by the younger population. However, research exploring the socio-psychological impact of this platform on younger
Correlations of online social network size with well-being and distress: A meta-analysis
This meta-analysis examines the correlations of the number of social network site (SNS) friends with well-being and distress, based on 90 articles consisting of 98 independent samples on correlations
Addictive Technology: Prevalence and Potential Implications of Problematic Social Media Use
Social media is fully integrated into society today, and the use of social media is currently the main activity of Internet-users (JassoMedrano & López-Rosales, 2018). With the advent of smartphones
Effects of Social Media and Smartphone Use on Body Esteem in Female Adolescents: Testing a Cognitive and Affective Model
It is found that excessive social media use leads to unhealthy body esteem via intensified cognitive internalization, which aggravates appearance comparisons and anxiety regarding negative appearance evaluation, and that screen time for specific smartphone activities also harmed body esteem, independent of social mediause.
Instagram use frequency is associated with problematic smartphone use, but not with depression and anxiety symptom severity
Studies have demonstrated that social media use, as well as problematic smartphone use (PSU), are associated with psychopathology variables, such as depression and anxiety. However, it has not been
"Finsta gets all my bad pictures": Instagram Users' Self-Presentation Across Finsta and Rinsta Accounts
Significant research has examined social media users' self-presentation strategies, both within a single account and across multiple platforms. Few studies, however, have considered how users'


‘Strong is the new skinny’: A content analysis of #fitspiration images on Instagram
This study provides a content analysis of fitspiration imagery on the social networking site Instagram, showing that the majority of images of women contained only one body type: thin and toned.
Instagram use is linked to increased symptoms of orthorexia nervosa
  • P. Turner, C. Lefevre
  • Psychology, Medicine
    Eating and Weight Disorders - Studies on Anorexia, Bulimia and Obesity
  • 2017
The results suggest that the healthy eating community on Instagram has a high prevalence of orthorexia symptoms, with higher Instagram use being linked to increased symptoms.
Do Our Facebook Friends Make Us Feel Worse? A Study of Social Comparison and Emotion
People often compare themselves to others to gain a better understanding of the self in a process known as social comparison. The current study discusses how people engage in a social comparison
A methodology for mapping Instagram hashtags
A methodology for studying Instagram activity is proposed, building on established methods for Twitter research by initially examining hashtags, as common structural features to both platforms.
Instagram #Instasad?: Exploring Associations Among Instagram Use, Depressive Symptoms, Negative Social Comparison, and Strangers Followed
A theoretically grounded moderated meditation model of the association between Instagram use and depressive symptoms through the mechanism of negative social comparison, and moderation by amount of strangers one follows suggests that more frequent Instagram use has negative associations for people who follow more strangers, but positive associations forPeople who follow fewer strangers, with social comparison and depressive Symptoms.