Exploring the filter bubble: the effect of using recommender systems on content diversity

  title={Exploring the filter bubble: the effect of using recommender systems on content diversity},
  author={Tien T. Nguyen and Pik-Mai Hui and F. M. Harper and L. Terveen and J. Konstan},
  journal={Proceedings of the 23rd international conference on World wide web},
Eli Pariser coined the term 'filter bubble' to describe the potential for online personalization to effectively isolate people from a diversity of viewpoints or content. [...] Key Method We contribute a novel metric to measure content diversity based on information encoded in user-generated tags, and we present a new set of methods to examine the temporal effect of recommender systems on the user experience. We do find that recommender systems expose users to a slightly narrowing set of items over time. However…Expand
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