Exploring the correlation between Southern Africa NDVI and Pacific sea surface temperatures: Results for the 1998 maize growing season

  title={Exploring the correlation between Southern Africa NDVI and Pacific sea surface temperatures: Results for the 1998 maize growing season},
  author={James P. Verdin and Chris Funk and Robert W. Klaver and Dar A. Roberts},
  journal={International Journal of Remote Sensing},
Several studies have identified statistically significant correlations between Pacific sea surface temperature anomalies and NDVI anomalies in Southern Africa. The potential predictive value of the relationship was explored for the 1998 maize growing season. Cross-validation techniques suggested a more useful relationship for regions of wet anomaly than for regions of dry anomaly. Observed 1998 NDVI anomaly patterns were consistent with this result. Wet anomalies were observed as expected, but… Expand

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