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Exploring the Working Conditions in Apparel Export Industries of Jaipur

  title={Exploring the Working Conditions in Apparel Export Industries of Jaipur},
  author={Rashmi Jain and Radha Krishna Kashyap},
There are many ways i.e. Quality Control, Total Quality Management, standard time, workplace conditions, to solve the problems regarding productivity. Working conditions are one way to enhance the productivity and also increases the satisfaction level of the workers. The apparel industries in the Rajasthan are mainly concentrated in Jaipur. There are approximately 250 apparel manufacturing units in Jaipur. The present study aims to analyze the working conditions of the low, medium and high… 

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1PG Student (M.E. Industrial Safety Engineering), Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, Bannari Amman Institute of Technology, TamilNadu, India 2Professor, Dept. of Fashion Technology, Bannari Amman

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