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Exploring the Flora on Inert Landfill Sites in Southern Ticino (Switzerland)

  title={Exploring the Flora on Inert Landfill Sites in Southern Ticino (Switzerland)},
  author={Bruno Bellosi and Paolo Selldorf and N. Schoenenberger},
Results of a floristic survey conducted in eight deposits of inert materials and landfill sites in the south of the Canton Ticino are presented. 512 taxa belonging to 297 genera and 85 families were recorded during 2009. Species richness and composition demonstrate the value of inert landfill sites as substitution habitats for threatened and rare native plants, as privileged sites of early arrival for adventive taxa new to the Swiss flora and as sites of proliferation and starting points for… Expand
Ritrovamento di tre specie vegetali nuove per la Svizzera e di un taxon raro considerato regionalmente scomparso
Three plant species new to Switzerland: the neophytes Acalypha australis, Cyperus difformis and Ferula communis and the rare and threatened Lythrum portula, considered regionally missing are presented. Expand
Monitoring of a mound made of sediments: exploring landscaping as a way to upgrade dredged materials (VALSE project)
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Restoration of a Landfill Site in Berlin, Germany by Spontaneous and Directed Succession
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