Exploring the Enigma of the Happiness Construct in Phygital Fashion Experiences

  title={Exploring the Enigma of the Happiness Construct in Phygital Fashion Experiences},
  author={Kate Armstrong and Charlotte Rutter},
This chapter aims to address the need for a deeper understanding of the issues and challenges facing fashion retailers in our current digital climate. This will be explored through the lens of the happiness construct, as we examine fashion consumption and the role of experiential and atmospheric techniques in facilitating happy fashion retail consumer experiences. This chapter takes a conceptual, exploratory approach by interrogating literature on the happiness construct; experiential retail… 

Exploring the involvement-patronage link in the phygital retail experiences

  • Shanta Banik
  • Business
    Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services
  • 2021

Phygital Retailing in Fashion. Experiences, Opportunities and Innovation Trajectories

The digital and technological transformation, whose effects have profoundly influenced the last two decades, and which has recently undergone a sudden acceleration, changed how fashion brands

Consumer experience of interactive technology in fashion stores

  • Y. SiregarA. Kent
  • Business
    International Journal of Retail & Distribution Management
  • 2019
This research paper infused a new approach that is UXD into the field of fashion marketing and provides insights particularly about the interactions with a technology in fashion stores.

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