Exploring somatosensory hemineglect by vestibular stimulation.

  title={Exploring somatosensory hemineglect by vestibular stimulation.},
  author={Giuseppe Vallar and Gabriella Bottini and Maria Luisa Rusconi and Roberto Sterzi},
  journal={Brain : a journal of neurology},
  volume={116 ( Pt 1)},
The effects of vestibular stimulation upon somatosensory deficits or tactile extinction contralateral to a hemispheric lesion were investigated in 20 right brain-damaged patients and 11 left brain-damaged patients. After stimulation, right brain-damaged patients showed a temporary partial recovery from left hemianaesthesia or extinction. Conversely, right somatosensory deficits associated with left brain damage were virtually unaffected by vestibular stimulation. Temporary recovery from… CONTINUE READING