Exploring pharmacological significance of chalcone scaffold: a review.

  title={Exploring pharmacological significance of chalcone scaffold: a review.},
  author={Nitendra K. Sahu and Swati Balbhadra and Jalpa Choudhary and Dharm V. Kohli},
  journal={Current medicinal chemistry},
  volume={19 2},
Chalcones (1,3-diaryl-2-propen-1-ones) and their heterocyclic analogues, belong to the flavonoid family, which possess a number of interesting biological properties such as antioxidant, cytotoxic, anticancer, antimicrobial, antiprotozoal, antiulcer, antihistaminic and anti-inflammatory activities. Several pure chalcones have been approved for clinical use or tested in humans. Clinical trials have shown that these compounds reached reasonable plasma concentration and are well-tolerated. For this… CONTINUE READING