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Exploring interactive features in auto-generated articles through article visualization

  title={Exploring interactive features in auto-generated articles through article visualization},
  author={Ali Abdel Rehim and Ali Salem},
News articles generated by artificial intelligence rather than human reporters are referred to as automated journalism. This thesis explores how to create a trustworthy representation of news articles that mainly are generated by algorithmic decisions. The hypothesis of this thesis takes the background (characteristics of the underlying system design) and the foreground (millennials news consumption behaviour) contexts into consideration in order to provide an optimal approach for trustworthy… 



The algorithms behind the headlines. How machine-written news redefines the core skills of human journalists

Reactions to the launch of a network of machine-written sport websites are analyzed to see how this new technology forces journalists to re-examine their own skills, rather than factuality, objectivity, simplification and speed.

Journalist versus news consumer : The perceived credibility of machine written news

This research aims to contribute to the unexplored field of audience studies with a focus on the credibility of automated journalism. In this paper, we take a systematic look into the perceived

Algorithmic Transparency in the News Media

A focus group study that engaged 50 participants across the news media and academia to discuss case studies of algorithms in news production and elucidate factors that are amenable to disclosure indicates numerous opportunities to disclose information about an algorithmic system across layers such as the data, model, inference, and interface.

Enter the Robot Journalist

The advent of new technologies has always spurred questions about changes in journalism—its content, its means of production, and its consumption. A quite recent development in the realm of digital

Mapping the field of Algorithmic Journalism

Although the market for NLG in journalism is still at an early stage of market expansion, with only a few providers and journalistic products available, NLG is able to perform tasks of professional journalism at a technical level, and sets the basis to analyze upcoming challenges for journalism research at the intersection of technology and big data.

Tailor-Made News: Meeting the demands of news users on mobile and social media

Despite the technological possibilities for portable, personalized, and participatory news use, the public has not turned en masse from passive receivers who consume news on the producers' terms,


A repertoire approach to news consumption in the complex contemporary media environment emphasizes patterns of multiple media use, rather than single media selection, for accessing the news.

News Recommendations from Social Media Opinion Leaders: Effects on Media Trust and Information Seeking

Results show that social media recommendations improve levels of media trust, and also make people want to follow more news from that particular media outlet in the future.

Observing the User Experience, Second Edition: A Practitioner's Guide to User Research

This second edition of Observing the User Experience provides in-depth coverage of 13 user experience research techniques that will provide a basis for developing better products, whether they're Web, software or mobile based.

Disdaining the Media: The American Public's Changing Attitudes Toward the News

After spending two decades studying the news media as an institution, Tim Cook turned his attention to public attitudes about the press, a topic that lurked behind much of his work, most prominently