Exploring definitions of sex positivity through thematic analysis

  title={Exploring definitions of sex positivity through thematic analysis},
  author={Chantelle Ivanski and Taylor Kohut},
  journal={The Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality},
  pages={216 - 225}
  • C. Ivanski, T. Kohut
  • Published 16 November 2017
  • Psychology
  • The Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality
Abstract:Despite strong claims about the benefits of sex positivity, the term "sex positive" lacks a widely agreed upon conceptual definition. The goal of this study was to identify and explore consistencies and differences in various definitions of sex positivity. Fifty-two experts in the field of human sexuality answered qualitative open-ended questions about how they define sex positivity and sex negativity in an online survey. The results were analyzed using the Braun and Clarke (2006… 

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