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Exploring cultural boundaries: the less 'invisible' Inuit of southern Labrador and Quebec

  title={Exploring cultural boundaries: the less 'invisible' Inuit of southern Labrador and Quebec},
  author={William W. Fitzhugh},
Paradise Gained, Lost, and Regained: Pulse Migration and the Inuit Archaeology of the Quebec Lower North Shore
The long-contested question of the Inuit occupation of the Quebec Lower North Shore has been illuminated by excavations at five 17th–18th-century sod-house villages. Few organic artifacts survive,
Faceted Inuit-European contact in southern Labrador
Nous presentons ici les decouvertes archeologiques effectuees dans trois sites fouilles ou sondes entre 2009 et 2013 et nous montrons leur interet pour l’interpretation de la nature diverse des
Identity markers: Interpreting sod-house occupation in Sandwich Bay, Labrador
Les preuves ecrites suggerent que les Inuit etaient presents dans le detroit de Belle Isle a la fin du XVIe siecle, mais les vestiges archeologiques de l’occupation inuit du Labrador meridional sont
Narratives in/of Translations: A Trialogue on Translating Narratives Cross-Culturally
Three authors, from different cultural contexts and research fields, engage in atrialogue,interrogating three stages of research—formulation of research protocol, field work,and data analysis—in
The prospects of culture: resource management and the production of difference in Nunatsiavut, Labrador
This dissertation examines how concepts of culture and cultural difference have been created, maintained, mobilized, and engaged in the struggle for political and economic control in Nunatsiavut over


Labrador Inuit Subsistence in the Context of Environmental Change: An Initial Landscape History Perspective
In this article, I examine the subsistence economy of the contact-period Labrador Inuit (17th to 19th century) to investigate the relationships of elements of specific cultural changes to
Cultures, Borders, and Basques. Archaeological Surveys on Quebec's Lower North Shore
In 1968, soon after returning with slim pickings from my first archaeological foray into Lake Melville's boreal forest, I heard of Jim Tuck's fabulous excavations at Port au Choix. It didn't take me
Settling a Rocky Shoreline : Possible Inuit Structures in Southern Labrador .Paper delivered to a NABO conference : " The View From Here : History and Ecology of the North Atlantic Region
  • 2006
Settling a Rocky Shoreline: Possible Inuit
  • 2006
The Forgotten Labrador
  • Kegashka to Blanc Sablon: a Short History of the Lower North Shore. Queens University Press, Montreal.
  • 2006
Venturing South of Groswater Bay: the Porcupine Strand Archaeological Project in Southern Labrador
  • - Paper delivered to the NABO Conference, "The View From Here: History and Ecology of the North Atlantic Region." September 20-24, Quebec.
  • 2006
Reconsidering Inuit presence in southern Labrador
Cet article reconsidere la question vieille de plus de cent ans de la presence des Inuit au sud de Hamilton Inlet et l’affirmation qu’il ne s’agissait que d’une courte presence lors de la traite avec
An Historical Ecology of Labrador Inuit
  • 2003
Early Bird Archaeologists Among the Bake Apples
  • 2002
The Elusive Landry Sties in Newport, Gaspe
  • 2002