Exploring and exploiting starch-modifying amylomaltases from thermophiles.

  title={Exploring and exploiting starch-modifying amylomaltases from thermophiles.},
  author={Thijs Kaper and Marc Jos Elise Cornelis van der Maarel and Gerrit Jan W. Euverink and Lubbert Dijkhuizen},
  journal={Biochemical Society transactions},
  volume={32 Pt 2},
Starch is a staple food present in water-insoluble granules in many economically important crops. It is composed of two glucose polymers: the linear alpha-1,4-linked amylose and amylopectin with a backbone of alpha-1,4-glycosidic bonds and alpha-1,6-linked side chains. To dissolve starch completely in water it needs to be heated; when it cools down too much the starch solution forms a thermo-irreversible gel. Amylomaltases (EC are enzymes that transfer a segment of an alpha-1,4-D… CONTINUE READING
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