Exploring Viewers' Experiences of Parasocial Interactions with Videogame Streamers on Twitch

  title={Exploring Viewers' Experiences of Parasocial Interactions with Videogame Streamers on Twitch},
  author={Tim Wulf and Frank M. Schneider and Juliane Queck},
  journal={Cyberpsychology, behavior and social networking},
Research on parasocial interaction (PSI) has a long tradition in noninteractive environments such as watching TV or listening to radio speakers. In the past years, researchers have started to apply PSI on videogame streaming environments, where the audience can interact with the observed media persona and get immediate feedback on their messages and requests. In a 3 × 2 online experiment (N = 251), we manipulated how a streamer addressed participants (individual vs. collective vs. no addressing… 
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