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Exploring The Lost World of Scripture : A Critical Review

  title={Exploring The Lost World of Scripture : A Critical Review},
  author={Ernst Richard Wendland},
In this review article I engage with the various hypotheses, ideas and arguments set forth in the book by John H. Walton and D. Brent Sandy entitled The Lost World of Scripture: Ancient Literary Culture and Biblical Authority. This book discusses the key concept of biblical authority in relation to the realities of ancient oral and scribal culture and how a variety of circumstantial factors may have influenced the composition and transmission of the set of canonical books that are regarded as… 


Structuring Early Christian Memory: Jesus in Tradition, Performance and Text
Social memory research has complicated the relationship between past and present as that relationship finds expression in memorial acts (storytelling, music- and image-making, textproduction, and
Revealing the True Star of Bethlehem. Wheaton, IL: Crossway, 2015], interviewed by Greg Cootsona for Christianity Today and posted 23/11/2015
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