Exploring Silence and Absence in Discourse

  title={Exploring Silence and Absence in Discourse},
  author={Melani Schr{\"o}ter and Charlotte Taylor},
The Representation of Roma in the Romanian Media During COVID-19: Performing Control Through Discursive-Performative Repertoires
This article investigates the narratives employed by the Romanian media in covering the development of COVID-19 in Roma communities in Romania. This paper aims to contribute to academic literature on
Book review: Amy Jo Murray and Kevin Durrheim (eds), Qualitative Studies of Silence: The Unsaid as Social Action
power, mainly due to its dynamic examination of interlocutors’ communication in certain cognitive and social–cultural contexts rather than a static study of the text per se. The volume expands the
Discursive translations of gender mainstreaming norms: The case of agricultural and climate change policies in Uganda
While the international norm on gender mainstreaming, UN-backed since 1995, has been widely adopted in national policies, gender inequalities are rarely systematically addressed on the ground. To
Introduction: A Turn to Silence