Exploring Relations to Documents and Documentary Infrastructures: The Case of Museum Management After Austerity

  title={Exploring Relations to Documents and Documentary Infrastructures: The Case of Museum Management After Austerity},
  author={Bethany Rex},
  journal={Mathematical Models and Methods in Applied Sciences},
  • B. Rex
  • Published 2018
  • Sociology
  • Mathematical Models and Methods in Applied Sciences
Interaction with documents and documentary infrastructure is part of the day to day reality of museum work. However, their constitutive and mediatory role is rarely foregrounded in empirical studies of museums. In part, this is because a defined theoretical and methodological framework for such an investigation has yet to be developed. This article outlines what a conceptualisation of documents as more-than-text informed by actor-network theory offers to studies of museums, particularly the… Expand
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  • Business
  • Journal of Community Archaeology & Heritage
  • 2019
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Which museums to fund? Examining local government decision-making in austerity
  • B. Rex
  • Political Science
  • Local Government Studies
  • 2019
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The missing museums: accreditation, surveys, and an alternative account of the UK museum sector
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