Exploring New Models in All Detail with SARAH

  title={Exploring New Models in All Detail with SARAH},
  author={Florian Staub},
  journal={Advances in High Energy Physics},
  • F. Staub
  • Published 13 March 2015
  • Physics
  • Advances in High Energy Physics
I give an overview about the features the Mathematica package SARAH provides to study new models. In general, SARAH can handle a wide range of models beyond the MSSM coming with additional chiral superfields, extra gauge groups, or distinctive features like Dirac gaugino masses. All of these models can be implemented in a compact form in SARAH and are easy to use: SARAH extracts all analytical properties of the given model like two-loop renormalization group equations, tadpole equations, mass… 
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  • F. Staub
  • Computer Science
    Comput. Phys. Commun.
  • 2013
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