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Exploring Mixed-Mode Chromatography: Column Chemistry, Properties, and Applications

  title={Exploring Mixed-Mode Chromatography: Column Chemistry, Properties, and Applications},
  author={Xiaodong Liu and Mark L. Tracy and Udayanath Aich and Christopher A. Pohl and Thermo Fisher},
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Stratégies chromatographiques en phase liquide et supercritique pour l'analyse de candidats médicaments

Le profilage d’impuretes de candidats medicaments est une preoccupation majeure des industries pharmaceutiques. L’identification et la quantification des impuretes doivent etre strictement controlees

Characterization of Retention Mechanisms in Mixed-Mode HPLC with a Bimodal Reversed-Phase/Cation-Exchange Stationary Phase

Mixed-mode HPLC (MM-HPLC), combining different interactions or retention modes in a single column, can be an interesting alternative to reversed-phase HPLC, notably to achieve the combined retention