Exploring Internet Addiction: Demographic Characteristics and Stereotypes of Heavy Internet Users

  title={Exploring Internet Addiction: Demographic Characteristics and Stereotypes of Heavy Internet Users},
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Internet addiction is a medically recognized disorder; several million Americans may suffer from it. Symptoms of Internet addiction are similar to those of other addictions and include heavy use of the Internet. Consequences of this addiction include lost productivity, lost jobs, and destroyed families. Prior research suggests that several groups of people are vulnerable to Internet addiction. This research may lead to the identification of individuals who are candidates for addiction so that… 

The Relationship Between Internet Addiction and Communication, Educational and Physical Problems of Adolescents in North Cyprus

  • Zehra Ozcinar
  • Psychology
    Australian Journal of Guidance and Counselling
  • 2011
Abstract The Internet today, beyond being a source of information and communication, has become an ‘addiction’ for some people. The rate of Internet addiction is rapidly increasing in the world. The

Prediction of Internet Addiction for Undergraduates in Hong Kong

In a highly digitized era, people can hardly live without computers and the Internet. While we are admiring the conveniences and advantages brought by the Internet, there is growing concern about


Introduction: Internet addiction is increasing as a psycho physiological disorder with symptoms of tolerance and withdrawal symptoms, emotional disorders and social dysfunction among internet users.

Evaluation of Internet Addiction, Impulsivity and Psychological Distress among University Students

The Internet is a widely recognized channel for information exchange, academic research, entertainment, communication and commerce [3,16,45,64]. Although the positive aspects of the Internet have

Addictive Internet Use among Korean Adolescents: A National Survey

The results suggest that multilevel risk factors along with gender differences should be considered to protect adolescents from addictive Internet use.

Internet Abuse among Teenagers and Its Relations to Internet Usage Patterns and Demographics

The present study adopted the concept of Internet abuse because it examined the condition in a non-pathological population and operationalized the Internet behavior as a continuum from normal to problematic usage.

Internet addiction of adolescents in China: Prevalence, predictors, and association with well-being

Internet addiction is a mental health problem that affects a significant number of people worldwide. Our study attempted to investigate the prevalence of Internet addiction among Chinese adolescents

Exercise and Internet Addiction: Communalities and Differences Between Two Problematic Behaviours

The scholastic literature contains hundreds of references on subjects of exercise and Internet addiction. These two opposite addictions, in terms of physical-energy requirements and physical versus

Study of internet addiction: Prevalence, pattern, and psychopathology among health professional undergraduates

Male gender, login status, emotional ties, and psychological distress were found to be important predictors of internet addiction among students, and these parameters should be taken into consideration while promoting awareness of problematic internet use and educating students regarding healthy internet use.



Internet Addiction: The Emergence of a New Clinical Disorder

  • K. Young
  • Psychology, Medicine
    Cyberpsychology Behav. Soc. Netw.
  • 1998
This study investigated the existence of Internet addiction and the extent of problems caused by such potential misuse by developing a brief eight-item questionnaire referred to as a Diagnostic Questionnaire (DQ), which can be defined as an impulse-control disorder that does not involve an intoxicant.

Sex on the internet: Observations and implications for internet sex addiction

Some academics claim that social pathologies referred to as technological addictions are beginning to surface in cyberspace. One related area that deserves further examination is the concept of sex

A Qualitative Study of Cybersex Participants: Gender Differences, Recovery Issues, and Implications for Therapists

Abstract In a companion study to onepreviouslypublished on the effects of cybersex addiction on the family, a new, brief online survey was completed by 45 men and 10 women, aged 1 6 4 4 (mean, 38.7)

Personalized Electronic Program Guides for Digital TV

The development of the personalized television listings system (PTV) is described, which tackles the information-overload problem associated with modern TV listings data by providing an Internet-based personalized TV listings service so that each registered user receives a daily TV guide that has been specially compiled to suit his/her particular viewing preferences.

Survey raises issue of isolated web users

Surfs Up: Dr. David Greenfield Says Millions of Americans are Hooked on the Internet, and for Some of Them, It's an Addiction

  • People Weekly
  • 2000

GVU's WWW User Surveys