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Exploring Filler Words and Their Impact

  title={Exploring Filler Words and Their Impact},
  author={Emily D. Duvall and Alan Robbins and Thomas R. Graham and Scott Divett},

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The Effect of Vocal Fillers on Credibility, Communication Competence, and Likeability

This study examines the impact of vocal fillers on a person’s perceived likeability, communication competence, professional credibility, and personal credibility. Previous studies have suggested that

From voice to ink (VINK): Development and assessment of an automated, free-of-charge transcription tool

The process of developing and adapting a free, open-source, speech-to-text algorithm (Whisper by OpenAI) into a usable and accessible tool for qualitative transcription is outlined, and the program, which is dubbed Vink for voice to ink, is available under a permissiveopen-source license (and thus free of cost).

Filler Word Detection with Hard Category Mining and Inter-Category Focal Loss

A novel filler word detection method that effectively addresses this challenge by adding auxiliary categories dynamically and applying an additional inter-category focal loss and achieves the best results.

Witscript: A System for Generating Improvised Jokes in a Conversation

Witscript is a novel joke generation system that can improvise original, contextually relevant jokes, such as humorous responses during a conversation, based on joke writing algorithms created by an expert comedy writer.


Abstrak: Penelitian ini dilatarbelakangi oleh cara berbicara mahasiswa di kelas microteaching di STKIP PGRI Sumatera Barat. Di kelas microteaching mahasiswa dituntut untuk banyak berbicara karena

Modulating Your Voice: The Role of Paralinguistic Cues in Improving Podcasters' Competitiveness

Fierce competition among podcasters is inevitable on audio platforms given the likelihood of overlap in the content of their audio works. Because the number of listeners constitutes a crucial

What EFL Learners Say in Managing Their Speech During Academic Presentations

Capturing the EFL students in managing their speaking phenomenon led the study to focus on scrutinizing the categories of fillers, as well as identifying the functions of each filler used in an

Controlling for Confounders in Multimodal Emotion Classification via Adversarial Learning

This work uses adversarial networks to decorrelate stress modulations from emotion representations and shows that stress is indeed encoded in trained emotion classifiers and that this encoding varies across levels of emotions and across the lexical and acoustic modalities.

Translating in fits and starts: pause thresholds and roles in the research of translation processes

ABSTRACT Two pause thresholds were tested, aimed at chunking the translation task workflow into task segments and classifying pauses into different kinds. Pauses below 200 ms were dubbed delays and

English Learning Difficulties for Multilingual Student: A Case Study of an Indonesian Student in Learning English

The purpose of this research is to help the learner as a multilingual student in improving her English by understanding a particular learner’s strength and weaknesses in speaking and writing. Single

Use of “um” in the deceptive speech of a convicted murderer

ABSTRACT Previous studies have demonstrated a link between language behaviors and deception; however, questions remain about the role of specific linguistic cues, especially in real-life high-stakes

“Um, I can tell you're lying”: Linguistic markers of deception versus truth-telling in speech

ABSTRACT Lying is a deliberate attempt to transmit messages that mislead others. Analysis of language behaviors holds great promise as an objective method of detecting deception. The current study

Interviewer speech and the success of survey invitations

Summary.  When potential survey respondents decide whether or not to participate in a telephone interview, they may consider what it would be like to converse with the interviewer who is currently

Effects of divided attention on the production of filled pauses and repetitions.

  • C. OomenA. Postma
  • Psychology
    Journal of speech, language, and hearing research : JSLHR
  • 2001
Results indicate that the number of filled pauses and repetitions increased in a situation of divided attention, which suggests that the production of filled pause and repetition is governed by processes that operate relatively independently of the available attentional resources.

Listeners' uses of um and uh in speech comprehension.

Despite their frequency in conversational talk, little is known about howums anduhs affect listeners' on-line processing of spontaneous speech. Two studies ofums anduhs in English and Dutch reveal

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