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Exploring Connections Between Cosmos & Mind Through Six Interactive Art Installations in "As Above As Below"

  title={Exploring Connections Between Cosmos \& Mind Through Six Interactive Art Installations in "As Above As Below"},
  author={M. Neyrinck and T. Elul and M. Silver and Esther Mallouh and M. Arag'on-Calvo and S. Banducci and Cory Bloyd and Thea Boodhoo and B. Diemer and B. Falck and Dan Feldman and Yoon Chung Han and J. Kruk and Soo Jung Kwak and Yagiz Mungan and M. Novelo and Rushi Patel and Purin Phanichphant and J. Primack and O. Sporns and F. Stearns and Anastasia Victor and David Weinberg and N. Zahr},
  journal={arXiv: Popular Physics},
Are there parallels between the furthest reaches of our universe, and the foundations of thought, awareness, perception, and emotion? What are the connections between the webs and structures that define both? What are the differences? "As Above As Below" was an exhibition that examined these questions. It consisted of six artworks, each of them the product of a collaboration that included at least one artist, astrophysicist, and neuroscientist. The installations explored new parallels between… Expand
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