Exploring Alternatives to the Hamiltonian Calculation of the Ashtekar-Olmedo-Singh Black Hole Solution

  title={Exploring Alternatives to the Hamiltonian Calculation of the Ashtekar-Olmedo-Singh Black Hole Solution},
  author={Alejandro Garc'ia-Quismondo and Guillermo A. Mena Marug{\'a}n},
  booktitle={Frontiers in Astronomy and Space Sciences},
In this article, we reexamine the derivation of the dynamical equations of the Ashtekar-Olmedo-Singh black hole model in order to determine whether it is possible to construct a Hamiltonian formalism where the parameters that regulate the introduction of quantum geometry effects are treated as true constants of motion. After arguing that these parameters should capture contributions from two distinct sectors of the phase space that had been considered independent in previous analyses in the… Expand
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