Exploratory Data Analysis

  title={Exploratory Data Analysis},
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We were together learning how to use the analysis of variance, and perhaps it is worth while stating an impression that I have formed-that the analysis of variance, which may perhaps be called a statistical method, because that term is a very ambiguous one — is not a mathematical theorem, but rather a convenient method of arranging the arithmetic. Just as in arith-metical textbooks — if we can recall their contents — we were given rules for arranging how to find the greatest common measure, and… Expand
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Outlier Detection over Sliding Windows for Probabilistic Data Streams


-2 -> original^3, 0.5 -> sqrt(original), 2 -> 1/original • Combining several variables • Normalize measurements
  • 2005
• Interactive Data Analysis, Hoaglin (1977) • The ABC's of EDA
  • 1981
• Exploratory Data Analysis, Tukey, (1977) • Data Analysis and Regression
  • 1977
Exploratory data analysis (EDA)…employs a variety of techniques to… • maximize insight into a data set
    Kirkpatrick & Selman, vertex/edge ratio) Exploratory data analysis
    • • Consider relation of two variables
    The EDA approach is precisely that -an approachnot a set of techniques, but an attitude/philosophy about how a data analysis should be carried out
      interval to ordinal) • Shifting intervals • Tukey's "ladder of powers
        • develop parsimonious models; and • determine optimal factor settings
          • uncover underlying structure