Explorations in the Transmission of the Ramayana in Sri Lanka

  title={Explorations in the Transmission of the Ramayana in Sri Lanka},
  author={Justin W. Henry},
  journal={South Asia: Journal of South Asian Studies},
  pages={732 - 746}
  • Justin W. Henry
  • Published 2019
  • History
  • South Asia: Journal of South Asian Studies
Abstract This essay explores the identification of the island of Sri Lanka with the ‘Lankapura’ of Ramayana literary fame, tracing the transmission of the mythical geography of the epic from late medieval South India to Sri Lankan Tamil temple literature. The invading Cholas of the tenth century were the first to identify Sri Lanka as the ‘Lanka’ of the Ramayana, a geographical equivalence maintained by the Arya Cakravarti rulers who dubbed themselves ‘guardians of Rama’s bridge’ (cētu kāvalan… Expand
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  • 2019
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