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Exploration and Exploitation in Organizational Learning

  title={Exploration and Exploitation in Organizational Learning},
  author={Scott R. Herriott and Daniel A. Levinthal and Carl Shapiro},

International comparison of cross-disciplinary integration in industry 4.0: A co-authorship analysis using academic literature databases

In innovation strategy, a type of Schumpeterian competitive strategy in business administration, "intra-individual diversity" has attracted attention as one factor for creating innovation. In this

Absorptive capacity in startups: A systematic literature review

Purpose: Several scholars have pointed out that absorptive capacity (AC) is critical for the innovation process in large firms. However, many other authors consider startups as key drivers for

Decision-facilitating information in hidden-action setups: an agent-based approach

The hidden-action model captures a fundamental problem of principal-agent theory and provides an optimal sharing rule when only the outcome but not the effort can be observed (Holmström in Bell J

Back to the basics: reconciling the continuum and orthogonal conceptions of exploration and exploitation

Extant research is vertically divided on the question whether exploration and exploitation constitute two ends of a continuum or whether they are orthogonal activities. We suggest that both

Dynamic ambidexterity: implications of balancing exploration and exploitation over time

This thesis investigates how SME firms allocate resources into exploration and exploitation and what effect this has on firm performance. Research showed how this can be achieved in a structural or a

Organizational ambidexterity and resilience: empirical evidence from uncertain transition economic context

Purpose Despite extensive interests in the effect of organizational ambidexterity on firm performance, there has been limited research on how ambidexterity may promote organizational resilience.

Simulation and organizational studies in Japan

  • N. Takahashi
  • Sociology
    Annals of Business Administrative Science
  • 2020
: Since the 1990s, simulation and organizational studies have been conducted in Japan. In this paper, we review the simulation and organizational studies in Japan, including the relationships between

Internationalization of Portuguese companies - geographic diversification vs. concentration: the case study of a Portuguese multinational firm.

This study aims to explain the strategic motivation underlying the decision of expanding to a new market versus intensifying its presence in a previously explored market. With this goal, this study

Determinantes organizacionais e especificidades da capacidade de absorção de firmas no Brasil

A presente tese tem como objetivo geral analisar os determinantes organizacionais e as especificidades da Capacidade de Absorcao (CA) de firmas inseridas em um contexto de pais em desenvolvimento,

Modelling exploration and exploitation in organizational learning

FOR THESIS University of Oulu Faculty of Technology Degree Programme (Bachelor's Thesis, Master’s Thesis) Major Subject (Licentiate Thesis) Industrial Engineering and Management Author Thesis



Prospect theory: an analysis of decision under risk — Source link

This paper presents a critique of expected utility theory as a descriptive model of decision making under risk, and develops an alternative model, called prospect theory. Choices among risky

Profits, Learning and the Convergence of Satisficing to Marginalism

Introduction, 302. — The learning model, 304. — Demand, cost, and environmental feedback, 307. — Satisficing's convergence to marginalism, 308. — A simple example, 310.

Adaptive Coordination of a Learning Team

Examination of incremental experiential learning in the context of a model of a team involving two learning members, each of whom modifies beliefs about the other on the basis of experience, and an adaptive coordinator who adjusts a coordination control variable suggests that the effectiveness of incremental learning can be improved by slowing the rate of learning and adaptation.

Variable risk preferences and adaptive aspirations

On the allocation of effort

Technology Adoption in the Presence of Network Externalities

We analyze technology adoption in industries where network externalities are significant. The pattern of adoption depends on whether technologies are sponsored. A sponsor is an entity that has

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