Exploiting eye-hand coordination: A novel approach to remote manipulation


Eye movements play an essential role in planning and executing manual actions. Eye-hand coordination is a natural human skill. We exploit this skill for an intuitive remote manipulation system that allows even non-expert users to operate a robot safely without prior experience. Specifically, we propose a visio-haptic approach to controlling a 7-DOF robotic arm. Our system is fully mobile, allowing for unconstraint operation in any environment. An eyetracker captures the operator's gaze. The end effector or particular joints are selected by simply fixating the to-be-controlled segment. A sensor-equipped tangible object provides a haptic interface between the operator's hand and the focused part of the robotic arm. The system features two operation modes, direct joint rotation and 3d end effector control in a global cartesian frame. We evaluated the system in a proof-of-concept study with untrained users. The participants safely operated the robot and accomplished an obstacle avoidance task. For this purpose, they used both operation modes.

DOI: 10.1109/IROS.2013.6697147

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