Exploiting Oxidative Stress and Signaling in Chemotherapy of Resistant Neoplasms

  title={Exploiting Oxidative Stress and Signaling in Chemotherapy of Resistant Neoplasms},
  author={Nina F Schor and Valerian E Kagan and Ye Liang and Ch. Yan and Yu. Yu. Tyurina and Vladimir Tyurin and Karen D. Nylander},
  journal={Biochemistry (Moscow)},
Neural crest tumors of childhood are particularly resistant to apoptosis induction by chemotherapeutic agents. Mechanisms of resistance include altered glutathione handling that accompanies up-regulation of Bcl-2 and its relatives. We have designed and tested in preclinical model systems approaches to this problem. These approaches include adjunctive use of oxygen radical-generating neurotransmitter analogs taken up by these neural crest tumor cells with scavenging (i.e., “rescue”) agents that… CONTINUE READING


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