Explicitando dados e analisando tendências da pesquisa em Educação em Ciências no Brasil: uma análise da produção científica disseminada no ENPEC

  title={Explicitando dados e analisando tend{\^e}ncias da pesquisa em Educaç{\~a}o em Ci{\^e}ncias no Brasil: uma an{\'a}lise da produç{\~a}o cient{\'i}fica disseminada no ENPEC},
  author={I. Slongo and Leonir Lorenzetti and Marzane Garv{\~a}o},
  • I. Slongo, Leonir Lorenzetti, Marzane Garvão
  • Published 2020
  • Philosophy
  • The study analyzes the research in Science Education disseminated at the National Meeting of Science Education Rearch. It caracterizes itself as a bibliographic research, of the State of Knowledge type, that identify, systematize and analyze the oral communications of four more editions of the ENPEC of 2007-2013. It was observed that in the analyzed period, the scientific production of the area continues to rise, evidencing the remaining of some trends throughout the entire period 1997-2013… CONTINUE READING