Explicit soliton for the Laplacian co-flow on a solvmanifold

  title={Explicit soliton for the Laplacian co-flow on a solvmanifold},
  author={Andr{\'e}s J. Moreno and Henrique N. S{\'a} Earp},
  journal={S{\~a}o Paulo Journal of Mathematical Sciences},
We apply the general Ansatz proposed by Lauret (Rend Semin Mat Torino 74:55–93, 2016 ) for the Laplacian co-flow of invariant $$\mathrm {G}_2$$ G 2 -structures on a Lie group, finding an explicit soliton on a particular almost Abelian 7–manifold. Our methods and the example itself are different from those presented by Bagaglini and Fino (Ann Mat Pura Appl 197(6):1855–1873, 2018 ). 

The Search for Solitons on Homogeneous Spaces

  • J. Lauret
  • Mathematics
    Geometry, Lie Theory and Applications
  • 2021
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