Explicit Formulas for GJMS-Operators and Q-Curvatures

  title={Explicit Formulas for GJMS-Operators and Q-Curvatures},
  author={A. Juhl},
  journal={Geometric and Functional Analysis},
  • A. Juhl
  • Published 2011
  • Mathematics, Physics
  • Geometric and Functional Analysis
We describe GJMS-operators as linear combinations of compositions of natural second-order differential operators. These are defined in terms of Poincaré–Einstein metrics and renormalized volume coefficients. As special cases, we derive explicit formulas for conformally covariant third and fourth powers of the Laplacian. Moreover, we prove related formulas for all Branson’s Q-curvatures. The results settle and refine conjectural statements in earlier works. The proofs rest on the theory of… Expand
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