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Explicit Approximations of the Gaussian Kernel

  title={Explicit Approximations of the Gaussian Kernel},
  author={Andrew Cotter and Joseph Keshet and Nathan Srebro},
  • Andrew Cotter, Joseph Keshet, Nathan Srebro
  • Published 2011
  • Computer Science
  • ArXiv
  • We investigate training and using Gaussian kernel SVMs by approximating the kernel with an explicit finite- dimensional polynomial feature representation based on the Taylor expansion of the exponential. Although not as efficient as the recently-proposed random Fourier features [Rahimi and Recht, 2007] in terms of the number of features, we show how this polynomial representation can provide a better approximation in terms of the computational cost involved. This makes our "Taylor features… CONTINUE READING
    An approximation of the Gaussian RBF kernel for efficient classification with SVMs
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    Fast Prediction with SVM Models Containing RBF Kernels
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    No-Trick (Treat) Kernel Adaptive Filtering using Deterministic Features
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    Large-Scale Data-Dependent Kernel Approximation
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    Large-Scale Approximate Kernel Canonical Correlation Analysis
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    Generalization Guarantees for Sparse Kernel Approximation with Entropic Optimal Features
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