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Explanation of nearby SNRs for primary electron excess and proton spectral bump

  title={Explanation of nearby SNRs for primary electron excess and proton spectral bump},
  author={Tian-Peng Tang and Zi-Qing Xia and Zhao-Qiang Shen and Lei Zu and Lei Feng and Qiang Yuan and Yi-Zhong Fan and Jian Wu},
  • Tian-Peng Tang, Zi-Qing Xia, +5 authors Jian Wu
  • Published 26 September 2021
  • Physics
Several groups have reported a possible excess of primary electrons at high energies with the joint fit of the positron fraction and total electron/positron spectra. With the latest release of high-precision electron/positron spectra measured by AMS-02, we further confirm this excess by fitting ∆Φ (i.e.,Φe− − Φe+) data in this work. Then we investigate the contribution of a single nearby supernova remnant to the primary electron excess and find that Monogem can reasonably account for this… 
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