Explaining Type Errors by Finding the Source of a Type Conflict

  title={Explaining Type Errors by Finding the Source of a Type Conflict},
  author={Jun Yang},
  booktitle={Scottish Functional Programming Workshop},
  • Jun Yang
  • Published 1999 in Scottish Functional Programming Workshop
Typically atypeerroris reportedwhenunificationfails,eventhoughtheprogrammer’s actualerrormayhave occurredmuchearlierin theprogram.The and inferencealgorithmsreportthesitewherea typeconflict is detected,but the errormessageis isolatedinformation: it is not clearwhat the relationshipis betweenthesitewhereerroris reportedandthecontext in which thesubexpression wastyped.As a result,theerrormessagemaygive little helpto locatethesource of theerror. This reportinvestigatesbettermethodsof explaining… CONTINUE READING
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